Sound Bites

This first track relates to the Fender Telecaster, Marshall JCM800 and Yamaha QY300
God Given by TheAwesomePowerOfRockets

Track two is a brief demo of the AN1x. Everything on it was played in one take on two dubs. The whole thing, drum pattern included is generated by the Synth.
AN1X Demo by TheAwesomePowerOfRockets

Track Three: A work in progress begun back in 06, Synths are Juno 6 on the vocoder, AN1X for the rest. Guitar is a Jackson Surfcaster recorded solely with a Digitech bad monkey. I do plan on finishing this song in the near future.....

Keep you safe from the cold by TheAwesomePowerOfRockets

StereoFlyingV by TheAwesomePowerOfRockets

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