Tuesday, November 30, 2010

2004 - Vox Pathfinder 15r

Cool little amp this.
It was my first amp when I returned to frequent playing, also when I was working a bit more over the holidays.
Student budgets aren't exactly going to get me a Fender Twin.

The pathfinder is a great little amp, wish I still had one(heard that before?).
Simple solid state affair with an 8" speaker. nothing amazing there but it had a nice clean tone.
What was really impressive about this amp was the fact that for $200 I had spring reverb and tremolo.
Not many amps do real reverb in the lower range any more.

The tremolo was a great tool. It throbbed in that classic vox way. Sure it was in a cut down amp, but Vox engineers got this right! The reverb was nice and splashy too. This was before I got into my surf period. But I liked it enough and it was loud enough to be heard with a band, if placed at ear height. It meant my back wasn't breaking when doing shows and I was carrying, guitar, banjo and keyboard to shows at the time too.
I ended up selling it to get a powered foldback speaker. I really should've just kept it and not gone with the old back as it was impossible to hear myself even though that's what the thing was meant to do.

Ah well, live and regret.

If you can pick one up for cheap, then don't hesitate.
Nice wee faux retro amp.

Just because it ain't valve, doesn't mean it can't rock!


  1. my bandmate uses one of these! it sounds amazing.. she has tried all these expensive/heavy pro amps but doesn't get the sound she wants ... she gets it from this thing!

  2. I'm always on the lookout for a cheap 2nd hand one. Not that I need another amp.