Monday, February 14, 2011

2008 - Ibanez FL9 Flanger

This one came to me as a present.
Mine is pretty beat up and dates back to the early 80's.
No electrical problems, the switch if fine etc....

So... flangers eh?
Not my favourite kind of effect.
It's interesting sure, but I haven't found a use for it in a song yet.

The LFO on mine is capable of going so slow, that you don't even know if the thing is working or not.

Ibanez have made a whole bunch of sought after flangers, and the FL9 is no exception. It'll be really subtle, or do that big jet whoosh. There's also that hollow tube sound. Kind of like one of those rainmaker things. Sluuuuurp!

I like it for what it is, and as soon as I get off my bum and start recording, it's sure to find a place augmenting synth or guitar or something I haven't thought of yet.

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