Sunday, April 10, 2011

Disaster strikes!

Yesterday morning I had a very unhappy moment.
While searching for a screwdriver to adjust the pickup height on my Mosrite, I went into my kitchen with the guitar still strapped to my body.

I figured nothing would happen, it's strapped on with a locking strap.

Unfortunately I had a little too much faith in the strap.
For a moment I slung the guitar across my back as I reached into a box to get the afore mentioned screwdriver.
Without warning I felt the guitar slip, I wasn't fast enough to catch it and the guitar was driven toward the slate floor by the so called "weakest" force at 32 square feet per second per second.


First the decade old nitrocellulose coupled with the billion year old compressed sediment, the force of the planet below, pushing up on the guitar above, caused the grain to compress and the finish to fragment. The head of the guitar was the next to make contact. A smaller collision, with less severe damage, but damage none the less.
The result of the impact left a scar, showing the underlying timber. There were no fragments of the finish, it had turned to power.

The lesson.
Spend a few bucks more to get a quality strap, and make the effort to take your guitar off before venturing onto any surface harder than padded carpet (unless you're doing a show of course).

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