Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hiccups. Computers, Dust. Damp. Crackle and Pop.

My current home is a dank, dark, damp inner city cave.
No good for electrical contacts of any sort.
I can't have my gear up against one wall of the building if I don't want to constantly be cleaning pots, jacks and tube sockets. It's a pretty tedious game.

Anyway I thought I had all of the mechanical stuff licked and went to do some demos.
My first project was going to be a combination of reverb shootout between a Digiverb and my Princeton, which would also be testing my isolation cabinet and the line out of the Weber Z-Matcher.

Everything sounded great through the headphones.
I was getting a nice clear signal. No crackles etc...

Played for hours.

Thinking I'd do some editing I booted up my compute and started listening to the tracks.
What I met with, was the horror of my PC not keeping up with recording 5 tracks of audio and one plugin.
The audio was stuttering and jumbled and generally horrible.

It seems that my gutsy old PC is suffering a little from background fatigue.
Meaning, there's so much crap coming on at boot up that the quad core just isn't coping.
Also it may be an indication that one of my hard drives is on its way out.

The session has been scrapped, so my demos are going to be delayed somewhat.
Hopefully the weekend frees up some time to make noise.

As always. I'll keep you posted.

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