Sunday, October 30, 2011

Repairs - Maton 225 & Yamaha FG-412SBA

A couple of months ago I noticed that both of my steel string acoustics appeared to have bellied behind the bridge, so I thought about getting them repaired. But week after week it rained and I could not muster the will to take them in to get fixed. I left them in their cases with no strings on one and the other tuned down to C.

Last week I took them to get repaired and didn't bother to look at them, so I was quite surprised to see on my invoice that they had only been setup and not re- braced.  It seems that the time in the cases with the reduced tension allowed the bodies to settle back to their normal state more or less.

Neither guitar had been professionally setup in the time that I owned them and am really surprised how nice these guitars are to play. Especially the 12 string, which has the fattest neck I've ever seen that wasn't on a square neck Dobro.

Before the setup the Yamaha could barely be played beyond the 3rd fret, but now it's setup to play as effortlessly as any of my electrics.

The Maton is still all beat up looking but is playing very nicely and the frets were dressed to the point of nearly having a mirror finish. The action is a bit higher, but it's a lot better to play than it had been in years. Also the tone of this guitar is excellent. Big piano like tones. not bad for a moderately priced guitar. Incidentally, the guy who fixed the guitar apparently used to work at Maton, so he certainly knows his stuff.

Here are some pics.

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