Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Blues Box Guitar

As mentioned in the last post I received a beginners cigar box guitar for xmas.
It comes with an instructional booklet, demo CD and a glass side that accommodate even the most well fed of digits.

The booklet and CD are professionally presented, but the guitar itself was a little surprising

I hadn't looked too hard on the outside of the package and though that the box was maybe plywood.
But upon opening I discovered that it was actually thick cardboard.

No biggie, it's an $28 AUD kit.

The neck appears to be pine, but the internet tells me its maple.
Honestly for the tension on the strings, I don't think it needs a harder wood.

The only DIY bit of putting it together is to put the ferrules in, this was easy enough, but some were tighter than others. Placement of the nut is accommodated by a groove in the neck, where the bridge is placed over a conveniently printed line on the body.

There's also a piezo pickup on board, which works as you'd expect.

No frets, but there are fret markers.
The manual suggest GDG tuning, so I did.

Having never played a cigar box guitar, I was a little doubtful of the tonal range of this tuning, but the doubts were without merit.

I've spent many hours avoiding assignments playing this budget instrument and annoying the family.
The internet tells me that it might be harmful to the cigar box market, but I just don't see it.
In fact it just makes me want to get out and make one myself!
I have a fancy champagne gift box that is just begging for some three string action!

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