Friday, December 28, 2012

Xmas Present - Amplitube iRig Guitar Adapter

Amplitube iRig
Between tinkering in the shed and eating too much, I have been playing with my latest music toy.

The guitar adapter thingy from Amplitube.

It's the iRig adapter for iPad & iPhone.

It plugs into the headphone socket, with a pair of sockets on the unit to accommodate your headphones (or line out) and a guitar input.

Garage Band
With the stock Amplitube app the unit works flawlessly. If you've used their VST plugins, you'll know what to expect (I liked their Fender pack so much that I went out and bought a Fender Princeton).

Unfortunately the iRig doesn't work very well with Apple's Garage Band v1.3 Tested on an iPhone 5 (iOS 6.0.1)& a 3rd Generation iPad (iOS 5.1) and it happens on both units.

Garage Band Versions
The problem is that you can't monitor at a decent volume or use any sort of medium to high gain  setting what you are playing without horrible feedback (I've tested the iRig in an iPhone 4s running GB 1.2.1 and do not experience the feedback).

This is a real bummer, because Garage Band is a really nice bit of software.

Rumour has it, that the previous version of the Garage Band software worked just fine.
Hopefully it'll be fixed soon, otherwise it'll just be another FX toy that I don't use much.

I've managed to downgrade Garage Band from 1.3 to 1.2.1 on my two iOS devices and the feedback problem has been cured. There is the issue of a "ticking" noise on the iPad, but I don't have this problem on the iPhone 5.


  1. I wish I still had my down-rev garageband to verify this. I passed the link to the makers of the iRig in hopes they can use it in testing

  2. And v1.4 seems to resolve all of that. I found the same result with the iPhone vs iPad. And I learned that my iRig was a counterfeit. I have since built a DIYrig from here —

  3. Just tested on my iPhone 5 & confirm that all is in order.
    Thanks for the heads up!