Saturday, March 9, 2013

Goldtone PB GRE - A year on......

It's been a little more than a year since I made purchase of the slimline resonator.
The guitar has just gotten better & better.

I find myself going to it more than any other guitar in my collection (they're all nice guitars too).

The strings are still the original set from the factory, and naturally it's still sporting the factory setup.
Tuning remains solid and the tone is pleasing.

Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be enough ferrous material in the strings to give the pickup much to work with. I've been considering putting flat wound strings on there as I like them on my other guitars (Mosrite & Surfcaster). That is until I read about DR Zebra's. They're a hybrid of nickel and phosphor bronze. Which is meant to retain the bright acoustic tone and give the magnetic pickup, more to work with. I like this idea, but as it turns out, there's nowhere local that I can get the strings! So mail order it will have to be.

Anyway here's the official Goldtone video. Don't think it was on the site when I made purchase.

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