Sunday, July 3, 2011

July 2011 Pedal Gallery

My neighbour told me that I've been neglecting the blog of late, so I've just taken a few happy snaps of the pedals that I keep under my desk. This is most of my current working collection. I've built loads more than I have here at the moment and have discovered Circuit Snippets to be a great collection of unusual circuits for processing audio. Whoever the guy is behind it, must be some kind of genius!

Not much has been going on, trying to get motivated to finish my pickup ring templates, and in turn finish modding my Les Paul.

Home made fuzz pedal - A blend of a failed Ampeg scrambler followed by two cascading Germanium Transistor boosters.

Fuzz face clone - Easy face with tone control - Substituted Soviet era transistors for recommended.

Psychtar - From circuit snippets.

DOD stereo chorus - With vibrato mod (my design).

Bronx Cheer - Another pedal from Circuit Snippets

Ibanez  DE7 - Cheap good sounding delay.

Zoom H4n - Not a pedal, but has loads of FX. Good as a Rocktron substitute.

Danelectro Cool Cat Chorus - 18v model. Yard sale bargain.

MXR Blue Box - Two octaves down with lots of fuzz - Great square wave tones.

Fuzz Face Clone - Another fuzz face clone - Soviet GT404 Germanium Transistors. Volume control only.

Belcat Tremolo - Nice cheap variable wave shape tremolo.

Boss SD-1 - Modded clipping stage - Can't remember which mod...

Digitech Bad Monkey - One has been modded to let more bass through - Can't remember the cap value, probably .1uf

Sovtek Big Muff Pie - Indie rock staple. Fuzz Fuzz Fuzz. Works best with low output pickups.

Sovtek Small Stone Phaser - Nice sounding phaser, but has a tendency to generate nasty clipping on the front end if modded to compensate for the volume drop.

Fulltone DejaVibe - Nice Univibe clone. A bit expensive, but worth checking out.

Jim Dunlop Octavio - Fuzz Octave - Unpredictable insane fuzz. Very pronounced octave effect. Sounds different on every guitar.
Legacy OC-100 - Boss OC-2 clone - Might be cheap, but it tracks as well as any pedal. Works great with my stereo flying v!

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