Sunday, July 24, 2011

Stereo Flying V Demo

I've not been up to much in the guitar realm of late.
Winter has not been favourable for working outside, mostly due to the lack of dry weather and daylight.

For this post I'm revisiting the Stereo Flying V mod from May 2011.

I did a rough demo a few weeks ago, but have only just got around to uploading it.
The recording was done straight into the desk, with a couple of amp plugins and some out of the box drum loops. Before the guitar signal hit the mixer it passed through a pair of Bad Monkeys with a cheap octave down pedal on the Mustang Bass pickup.

My guitar playing is far from perfect and the sound quality one I uploaded it has changed a bit, so your mileage may vary. Despite my shortcomings, I feel as though the sound clip demonstrates the mod effectively.

StereoFlyingV by TheAwesomePowerOfRockets

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