Saturday, May 28, 2011

Enough talk - Action! Manito Flying V Stereo Mod

I finally got around to modding my bargain Flying V from last year. Inspired by a blog post on Tym Guitars website. The mod is pretty easy to do if you have the tools. I used me Dremel and Router attachment. First thing to do was place the pickup on the guitar and drill the holes for the screw adjustment. Next was to flip the pickup upside down and trace the outline with a sharpie. I had to eyeball the line to make sure that I didn't go over. For the most part I kept within the line and did the final filing and shaping by hand. The Mustang Bullet Bass pickup fits nice and tightly in the hole. Once that was ready, I needed to make space in the body. The manufacturer promised a solid mahogany body, it's low grade, but it looks pretty similar to the photos in my woodworking book.  

Routing out the hole was done with the neck in situ, I just made some rails out of ice-cream sticks and masking tape to allow the router edge to glide over the fretboard. A little bit of soldering and a re-string(the proper way) and it was all roses. The nut needed to be replaced and is close to finished, though I need to spend a bit more time on it to make it just right. Once it was strung up I fired up a few effects, with the mustang bass pickup feeding an octaver. 

 It needs a little noise suppression to kill the bleed over from the 5th string, but nothing to worry about in any real sense. A fun project, that I recommend to anyone brave enough to get into cutting scratch plate material.

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