Sunday, May 15, 2011

Reverse Hummingbird

While trawling the internet for more info on the hummingbird, I came across these photos.
The guitar looks like it could have been originally intended to be a left handed hummingbird, but has been made right handed with the long horn at the top. Honestly, I think the body shape looks great both ways.

Up to now I had thought that mine was a cheap laminate body and was considering routing to place in a slab of mahogany under the bridge for increased sustain and tone. Looking at these pictures though, reveals the wood through the finish and it seems that the guitar was made in a similar fashion as the neck, by laminating thick pieces of timber, going the length of the body.

Now I am thinking that the appearance of laminate in the body routing, might actually be artifacts of the routing process as seen in another guitar that I worked on.

I've not had much time to do anything much lately, the weather has turned cold and damp, plus the days are shorter, so I barely have any workable daylight at all. The re-finish will need to wait until spring, but in the mean time I'll be able to get the body prepared to accept the new hardware and make up the scratch plate.

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