Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Parts PaRtS PARTS pArTs parts!

When getting into work this morning I passed by the lads in the mail room (as I always do) and I was informed that some packages had arrived. What could they be I wonder?

As I approached my desk I saw several packages, one I didn't order, one that I had ordered and one that I'd forgotten I'd ordered! One of our I.T. guys is an ex bass player and he was rummaging around some place, found some old Gotoh Bass tuning heads and though I'd like to have them. Yes I would!

My Hallmark vibrato turned up after just 8 days from the USA, and by coincidence, my Mosrite style roller bridge arrived as well. Packed in with the Roller bridge was also the new stud mount wrap tail bridge for the Surfcaster. So I'm all set to get my guitars back in working order. Now I just need to find time.

Yesterday I finally received my Weber Z-Matcher. It's a nice looking unit. Well built and uses no power aside from the amplifier output to do it's thing. I bought it specifically to work with my 16ohm Epiphone cabinet and Fender Princeton to obtain the required impedance per the manual. It'll also come in handy when using my isolation cabinet for recording as it has a line out as well.  Fun times ahead.


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