Thursday, May 5, 2011

Works in progress

I've got the parts for my next upgrade projects.
Well most of them.
Waiting on a roller bridge for the Les Paul and an adjustable wrap tail for the Surfcaster.

The Bigsby and Vibramate were easy to fit to the Les Paul, though the strap button wasn't quite in the right spot, so had to be re positioned.  Haven't got strings on there yet as I want to mess with the pickups again.\

I did a quick and dirty job of rigging up the Filtertron on the Surfcaster.
So far I'm quite happy with the sound of this guitar/pickup combo. It's now got the right kind of bottom end and bite. Very nice cleans, very "alive" sounding.

Both guitars will probably end up being setup for flat wound 12's.

Who knows, it might be awesome?

Am leaning toward Filtertrons on the Les Paul now too.
At least one in the neck and the P-Rail in the bridge.

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