Sunday, September 5, 2010

1993 - Samick ES-335

My 2nd guitar.
The guitar shop where I took lessons had a limited range and I think the only catalog available (maybe I could afford?) was Samick.

I wanted a Les Paul, because I was into Guns N' Roses at the time, but didn't like the way they'd extended the horn past the heel of the neck joint. I settled on, actually fell in love with the 335 copy. It looked great and when I had it in hand, it felt and sounded AMAZING! A proper guitar.

The body actually had mahogany down the middle and a couple of cheap humbuckers in it.
I eventually bought a  Dimarzio Paf Pro to slap in it and then the tone of the guitar really lifted.

From memory it cost about $350 including the case and it's one guitar I regret selling.
I have my doubts a re-purchase would live up to nostalgia, as is the case with another guitar from later years.
Not my actual guitar, just another example from the web.

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