Sunday, September 5, 2010

1995 - Fender Stratocaster - Eric Clapton signature model.

I'd inherited a bit of money when I was 15 or so and went out to buy a good guitar.
The nearest city had a much bigger musical instrument shop and they had some pretty nice Fender and Gibson's. I was on a bit of a Derek and the Dominoes buzz after hearing the electric version of Layla on vinyl.

Also I'd become obsessed with gray. Most metal heads go for black, but I went for gray and I was into a lot of different stuff in my listening time. Metal was for playing!  This guitar was excellent.
Easy to play neck, great action and active pickups(which i bypassed for a time as I was sick of paying for 9v's). Into a bigmuff and my old Marshall JCM 800, this thing was made for monster noise, not easy listening!

It had suck bottom end and was just brutal on the ears.

I didn't have the guitar all that long as I changed schools and got into synthesizers.
 Guitar case is lined with orange fur. Perfect!
This was quite a bit before VST's and cheap PC's so I traded it in on a Yamaha QY300 and controller keyboard. Probably one of the dumbest decisions of my formative years. The guitar would be worth a decent chunk of change now and I still can't play the piano!

Neck: Bolt on Maple.
Body: Alder.
Pickups: Fender Gold Lace Sensor.
Bridge: Blocked synchronised tremolo.
Electronics: TBX active circuitry.

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