Friday, September 3, 2010

1991 - La Grange Strat Copy

The La Grange looked like this, but I have no pics of it before it met Mr Band-saw.
Like most kids, I started with a pretty low quality nylon string.
I can't remember the name of my original now, but I soon got tired of it and coerced my mother into buying me an electric guitar!

This was before the internet and I lived in a large rural town/small regional city (depending on your perspective). The guitar was tracked down via the local "trading post" and from memory came with an amp and cost $250.  Back then I knew jack all about guitars and this looked as good as a real Fender to me so the deal was done. My first electric guitar, like a big boy!

It was branded La Grange, had 3 single coils, a basic vibrato and broke strings all the time.
I used light gauge d'Dario back then and broke an e or be string at least once a week.
As all music equipment addicted people know, their first guitar is usually their gateway into GAS-ville.
I couldn't afford anything at the time as I was 13 and had no job.
My guitar teacher gave in to my request to "customise" the poor guitar and I discovered that guitars could be made out of plywood!

Along with changing the shape, he filled in the tremolo hole and made it a string through body non trem guitar to improve the sustain.  Think there's a chunk of mahogany in there filling the gap.
The neck is now a total mess. I thought that making it fretless was a genius idea, but the reality was that I'd pretty much destroyed the guitar. Maybe one day I'll find a replacement neck and all will be well.
Mr Band-saw, bring me a dream....
Uh... fretless wonder?
Doubtful though....

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  1. Do you know the specs of this guitar? Specifically the neck.