Tuesday, September 14, 2010

2007 - Yamaha AN1X

You might've noticed that I buy and sell gear fairly frequently.
Sometimes I have regrets, sometimes not.
The AN1X is sort of half way between there.
As far as synths go, you couldn't ask for one with better function and overall useability than this one. Splittable keyboard, independent voiceing and a damn fine clone of a Prophet 10. All done digitally. It came out around the same time as the prettier Roland JP-8000. These synths heralded a new era of virtual analogue devices.

The AN1X does have some "shortcomings" namely the filter Zipper, but it made up for that with Aftertouch, 4 tracks of your own virtual CV control, to just about any parameter you wanted. It's limited front panel was supplemented by a software interface for PC and allowed much experimentation.

Honestly, the only thing I didn't like about this synth was that I was too stupid to realise how badass it was at the time. Its just one of those things that one shouldn't part with, but left me with many pleasant memories and countless hours of tweaking patches.

I think I sold it to buy a Korg MS10.


* Polyphony - 10 notes
* Oscillators - 2 osc: saw, variable width pulse, FM
* Effects - Reverb, delay, 3-band EQ, chorus, flanger, phaser, enhancer, compressor, distortion, overdrive,   amp simulator.
* Filter - Resonant 12/18/24dB/oct low/band/hi pass filter + 1 more hi pass
* Arpeg/Seq - Arpeg: 1 mon/poly, up, down, up/down, random; MIDI-capable. Seq: 16 steps, 1 track
* Keyboard - 61 keys (with velocity)
* Memory - 128 patches
* Control - MIDI (2 parts)
* Date Produced - 1997
AN1X Demo by TheAwesomePowerOfRockets
Keep you safe from the cold by TheAwesomePowerOfRockets

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